Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 'Supernatural' Boys Go Back To School

WARNING: Spoiler Time!

The Ausiello Files over on EW had a small spoiler on an upcoming Supernatural episode called 'Afterschool Special.'
"Coming up in the middle of the season, there's an episode titled 'Afterschool Special' in which the boys investigate a haunting at one of the high schools they attended as kids," exec producer Eric Kripke tells [Ausiello]. "As they investigate, we'll see flashbacks to what high school was like for Sam and Dean." Sounds fun, right? It won't be. Adds Kripke: "It wasn't pretty."
Meanwhile Ausiello gave out a few more tidbits on some scifi shows...

Fringe is adding to their cast with "an as-yet-unchosen actor to play the recurring role of Ian Spencer, a twenty-to-thirtysomething hipster whose forensics expertise comes in handy on tough cases."

Smallville's episode 10 of season 8 will have the return of Lana and well-known comic-book writer Geoff Johns will be writing episode 11 .

The struggling Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles will have Stephanie Jacobsen (Kendra Shaw of BSG: Razor) joining the cast as a love interest for Derek (Brian Austin Green).

OK, this is old news but I somehow missed it... Jim is going to die on Ghost Whisperer! Wow, first her best friend and now her husband. That girl is cursed.

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adele said...

Supernatural is finally a scary show that does not gross you out, but gives spine shivers and plays with your mind and imagination with great writing and the stars handle comedy and the scary stuff perfectly