Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sci Fi Channel Gets Real With 'RelicQuest,' 'Estate of Panic' & 'Cha$e'

Love it or hate it, the SCI FI Channel is adding more Reality TV to its programming.

Today it was announced that three new reality shows were given the green light.

First up is a search around the world for famous historical relics and artifacts. The working title is RelicQuest and it sounds a little like Destination Truth.

Here's SCI FI's description:

RelicQuest is an action and adventure series that travels the globe in search of some of history's greatest relics and artifacts. British filmmaker Bruce Burgess guides the viewer in a first-hand exploration down mysterious roads to uncover objects fabled to hold hidden powers and mystical significance for both ancient and modern cultures."

Documentary filmmaker Bruce Burgess will host and six episodes have been given the green light. Burgess will investigate stories about Moses and the rumored healing powers of the Holy Grail of the Cathars.

From the production company that gave you Fear Factor comes Estate of Panic. The show has actor Steve Valentine (Crossing Jordan) as the host. It has also been given a six-episode order.

In each episode, huge amounts of cash are hidden in an immense estate and seven strangers are tasked to find the money. The contestants will be challenged to overcome their terrors throughout the mansion. After each challenge, two are eliminated and their winnings get added to the prize pot. The last contestant left standing faces the final challenge in the Vault Room.

From our friends in Japan comes a new Americanized Japanese game show called Cha$e. It's sort of like a video game in the real world. Contestants, called runners, are given equipment (a backpack, an iPhone, a compass, a flashlight, and other necessary items) as they get power-ups and try to stay away from the hunters all in the attempt to stay "alive" long enough to win the 50 thousand dollar grand prize. The show is hosted by Trey Farley and also has a six episode order.

Uh oh, that makes three orders of six episodes each. I've been watching Supernatural, I know the end times are coming. This is a sign of what many have suspected for a long time... that Reality TV will bring the Apocalypse! ;-)

premieres Tuesday, November 11 at 10pm EST. Estate of Panic will premiere Wednesday, November 12 at 10PM ET/PT. You can expect RelicQuest to premiere in early 2009.

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