Sunday, September 21, 2008

And The Winner Is... Pushing Daisies!

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) rarely give out their little statuettes for science fiction/fantasy programs, but yesterday they did give a prime-time Emmy Award to ABC's Pushing Daisies.

On September 21st the fantasy TV series won the award for outstanding directing for a comedy series. The award was given to director Barry Sonnenfeld for the pilot, "Pie-Lette."

Pushing Daisies was sadly the only science fiction/fantasy program to win a prime-time Emmy. But a number of other shows won at the 2007-2008 Creative Arts Prime-Time Emmys that took place a week earlier. Including, Pushing Daisies winning two technical awards: outstanding picture editing for a comedy and outstanding music composition for a series.

Other SF winners include:

Battlestar Galactica: Winner for outstanding special visual effects for a series ("He That Believeth in Me") and for outstanding special class--short-format live-action entertainment programs (Razor).
Tin Man: Winner for outstanding makeup for a miniseries or a movie (non-prosthetic).
Lost: Winner for outstanding sound mixing for a comedy or drama series (one- hour).
Chuck: Winner for outstanding stunt coordination.
Smallville: Winner for outstanding sound editing for a series.

Congratulations to all the winners!

I hope that next year the prime-time Emmys will consider more science fiction/fantasy programs. I mean, they are more than just a pretty face (aka - special effect, makeup, stunts, editing, etc), they also have a brain (aka - excellent writing, acting and directing).

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping it would do a little better, but there was some tough completion this year. I love this show. It is beautiful to look at, the characters are really terrific and it keeps me smiling every week. If you have never seen if, go check out to get a little taste of what you are missing!